Friday, September 12, 2008

"Maggie" book released by Tin Roof Press

Tin Roof Press, founded by Elijah Gowin, is proud to announce the release of Maggie.  Produced as a collaborative family effort by Emmet and Elijah Gowin, and with a text by Edith Gowin, Maggie brings together two generations to honor a beloved, elderly aunt, 98 year old Margaret Cooper. This beautifully printed book of 24 tritone and color photographs features selections from Emmet Gowin’s early photographs of Maggie and her extended family from the 1960s and 1970s, which includes both classic favorites and works that have never before been published. Elijah Gowin contributes photographs from his series Hymnal of Dreams (1994-2004) in which Maggie figures prominently in dreamlike and whimsically constructed scenes. Edith Gowin’s heartfelt introduction weaves together personal recollections while also providing a cultural backdrop for all the images. Together, father and son present an extended portrait of a remarkable woman whose unique personality and presence inspired two different generations.  Maggie celebrates the ties that bind time, place, and family history.

More information, previews and purchase of the book can be accessed at